Capital Connection by Congressman Jody Hice Feb 2019

 Dear Friends,

As many of you know on Friday, President Trump signed a bill – agreed to by Senate and House Leaders – that reopens the government for three weeks. This temporary solution will provide room for negotiations as border security discussions continue and signals yet again that the President is ready and willing to work with Democrats to find a resolution to this urgent matter. 

I’m glad that President Trump has taken action that will allow for federal employees to get paid while presenting Congress with another opportunity to address our broken immigration system and security needs. Make no mistake about it, though, this isn’t a permanent fix, and there is a lot of work to be done so we don’t end up right back at the same place in three weeks. 

Frankly, I’m deeply frustrated by the gridlock and disappointed by the actions of many of my Democratic colleagues on the House floor last week. More than 215 Democrats voted against motions that would have immediately paid federal workers. And that wasn’t the first time they voted against ensuring government workers would receive their pay – the week before, 222 Democrats voted against federal employees  their first paycheck of the year. I truly hope that we can move away from this type of political posturing in the coming weeks. 

The President has made multiple overtures to our Democrat counterparts and offered a range of possible deals to finally secure our border, but those proposals seem to fall on deaf ears as the issue deteriorates into an “us against them” issue.

During the next few weeks, I hope folks from both sides of the aisle will work together to reach a long-term agreement. President Trump has shown a great willingness to compromise, and I urge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to do the same. I remain committed to fully funding the government and securing our border.

However, to be clear, our immigration system is broken, and there are steps we must take to deter illegal immigration. Now that we have reopened the government, we need the Democrats to come to the table and engage in actual meaningful negotiations so we can secure our borders and resolve the border crisis.

Safety and security are not and should not be partisan issues. I look forward to what we can accomplish together in the coming weeks.

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